Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 89 Hiring Va’s to take your business to the next level with Anne & Mark Lackey

About Mark & Anne Lackey

Mark and Anne Lackey are well known around Atlanta and across the nation as Real Estate Investors, Authors, Speakers and Educators as well as REALTORs. They have coached and trained hundreds of US and Canadians to a successful real estate career. Mark and Anne have written multiple books and developed multiple educational programs and systems for many areas of Real Estate Investing & Real Estate Brokers, Property Managers, & Agents.

Today, Mark and Anne control and manage over $4M in passive income producing residential properties, (aka rentals) in their own portfolio, and manage $28M of income-producing properties for other investors. Each year they find, fix-up and flip multiple properties for profit and have transacted over $1ooM in real estate. They operate multiple businesses and they do everything together.

In 2014, they cracked the code on how to hire and outsourcing using virtual assistants and are helping other entrepreneurs grow and expand their business. They have created many courses to help others take advantage of using Virtual Assistants. Many of their friends have found hiring and training virtual assistant frustrating and unproductive so they created a system to help other business owners find excellent talent provide the tools to help them incorporate virtual staff into their business seamlessly. While born out of the real estate world – they have easily expanded into other industries since the process of hiring and training is similar for all businesses.

They believe in a high level of professionalism and are guided by a unwavering set of Core Values. Every virtual assistant they place agree to these maintain these core values as well as agree to these a Standard of Professionalism. It is fundamental to our business that everyone agrees to maintain a high level of ethics and professionalism


Anne & Mark Lackey 


On Today’s Show Anne & Mark Discuss

  • How they got their entrepreneurial drive
  • Getting into Real Estate
  • Going to bootcamps
  • Implementing what they learned
  • And much more….


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